Episode 16

Has the property market caught COVID-19?


March 18th, 2020

25 mins 28 secs

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About this Episode

Simon and Stuart are joined this week by Emma! Given everyone is talking about the current virus outbreak, we thought we'd join in. The conversation covers what's happening already in the property world as well as what might be coming.

Sales transactions are being cancelled, viewings are down and those that do happen are more difficult. But there are video tours!

Stuart's flip project is nearly ready to come to market and he's refusing to be down-beat about his future with the property.

The property market started really well in 2020 - with a significant increase in the number of buyers around, especially those looking to move out of London.

How do you move house if you're in lock-down? Those who've recently exchanged with a set completion date coming up might have to find out!

What can a landlord do if/when their tenants simply don't have money to pay rent due to COVID-19? Could we handle it like we normally would or does it have to be different because it's happening en-masse?

Can the impact on the future of the property market be predicted? Can we even predict how long it will be before life gets back to normal?

Everyone should be planning now, prepare your business while there's time - to both weather the storm and be ready to make the most of the recovery afterwards.

Emma's property business is The Estate Agents Hub.

The official Government information on COVID-19 is here.