Episode 135

To buy or not to buy (in a limited company)


June 29th, 2022

28 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

Simon and Stuart are chatting about the age old question of limited company vs personal name for buying investment property. Complete with some very real (but do work your own out) estimates from Simon.

The discussion this week includes:

  • Research from Get Ground.
  • 50% of investment properties were bought with a limited company.
  • 76% considered buying in a limited company would help with inflation. Really!?
  • Personal name vs limited company.
  • Xero.
  • Using PaTMa Property Manager, with open banking for streamlined bookkeeping.
  • Extra costs of borrowing in a limited company, including mortgage interest rates.
  • Simon's personal name vs limited company - after tax profit figures.
  • What are your views on personal name vs limited company buying?
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