Episode 231

How do you evaluate a property?


May 1st, 2024

21 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

In the latest episode of the Business of Property podcast, host Simon delves into his process for evaluating properties from his desktop. He shares valuable insights on assessing floor plans, scrutinizing photos, and the benefits of virtual tours for a better grasp of a property's layout and condition. Simon also discusses using Google Street View and Maps to understand the property's surroundings and highlights the importance of reviewing the Energy Performance Certificate for rental compliance and improvement potential. He concludes by mentioning financial evaluation tools, such as the free buy-to-let profit calculator available from PaTMa.

Process overview:

  • Floor plans
  • Photos
  • (Virtual tour)
  • PaTMa combined Google Streetview and Google Maps tool
  • Costs ballpark (photos, again)
  • EPC
  • Start financial forecasts in PaTMa Prospector

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