Episode 27

The property market as lockdown lifts


June 3rd, 2020

25 mins 9 secs

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Special Guest

About this Episode

Emma once again joins Stuart and Simon to chat about the current state of the property market now that estate agents are opening up again.

This weeks chatter includes:

  • Emma has been reading lots of government guidance to make sure that Estate Agents Hub is ready to function while keeping everyone as safe as possible.
  • Virtual viewings come in a few flavours, some with music!
  • Property transactions put on hold by Covid-19 have rapidly sprung back to life.
  • People earlier in the process seem to be more mixed.
  • What are prices doing right now.
  • Will more people be wanting to move to the countryside.
  • Working from home being a long-term change will affect home priorities.
  • Fun and games in the property portal space.

Note: this episode was recorded on the 22nd May.

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