Episode 38

First R2R (rent-to-rent)


August 19th, 2020

27 mins 55 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Simon opens with his "extensive" updates before Stuart and Simon chat a little about title splitting and lots about rent-to-rent.

The chat this week includes:

  • Title splitting mortgage mechanics.
  • Finding opportunities with a "rent-to-rent campaign".
  • How rent-to-rent can work for both the owner and R2R-er.
  • Quick R2SA and R2HMO explainer.
  • Details to consider when starting a R2R project.
  • How Article 4 HMO restrictions can change the dynamics.
  • Sharing costs in a R2R project.
  • Stuart still has two flats on the market: studio flat in Kingston and a 2/3 bed flat in Croydon.

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