Episode 41

Property is a long term game


September 9th, 2020

27 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

Stuart and Simon chat about their (very) long-term goals and how their portfolios might change as they get older, perhaps even providing a form of "exit strategy".

This week's conversation covered:

  • Simon's property in Brighton in finally for sale. There's also a virtual tour.
  • Stuart talks about the change to looking for cash buyers.
  • Investors from Hong Kong seems to be a noticeable thing, including numbers registering for Property and Tenant Manager.
  • An overrunning and challenging project.
  • Slower market than expected.
  • Our take on exit strategies from The Property Podcast.
  • Longer term, pension scale, goals and strategy.
  • Growing a property business for institutional investors.
  • Adjusting a portfolio for simplification.
  • Turning towards paying off mortgages.
  • How stable is the property market (and world).
  • Property is a long-term game.

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