Episode 80

How to replace your salary with Rent-to-Rent (R2R)


June 9th, 2021

24 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

Stuart and Simon take a realistic look at the numbers involved in creating a rent-to-rent (R2R) property portfolio designed to replace your salary. They answer questions such as "What capital do you need?" and "How long will it take?".

The discussion this week includes:

  • Are Stuart and Simon trying to replace their salary?
  • The average UK salary.
  • Why replace your salary - what would it mean to you?
  • Multi-million pound portfolios.
  • Income from a typical / example rent-to-rent property.
  • Costs to setup a rent-to-rent property.
  • Don't forget the time (and work) involved to get started.
  • It's going to take longer than you think!

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