Episode 143

WHY are any of us investing in property?


August 24th, 2022

26 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

Simon and Stuart are chatting about whys, goals, plans, pensions, and budgets!

The discussion this week includes:

  • Our goals when we started in property.
  • Property income as an income to live off.
  • Plan better than we did!
  • Thinking out to a pension.
  • Consider cutting back to make goals easier.
  • What does/would your "good life" look like?
  • We previously talked about pension pot sizes.
  • Choosing not to save in a traditional pension plan.
  • Stuart's financial freedom steps:
    • Financial security.
    • Financial independence.
    • Financial freedom.
  • Five "why"s.
  • Working from base, personal, goals.
  • Taking the time to minimise personal outgoings.
  • You Need a Budget - online tool and book.
  • Maintaining a regular household budget.
  • Introducing children to a household budget.
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  • Find us on Twitter or LinkedIn: Stuart, Simon.

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