Episode 60

Starting in property series - Considering your inputs


January 20th, 2021

31 mins 42 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Stuart and Simon try to look at resources that you need to consider when planning property investment and get a little sidetracked into discussing personal vs limited company ownership of investment property.

The discussion this week included:

  • The resources needed to invest in property.
  • Time.
  • Money.
  • Knowledge/expertise/experience.
  • The best knowledge comes through doing.
  • Doing means walking the streets.
  • Using agents, or not.
  • Self listing properties - OpenRent, LettingAProperty, UPad, Visum.
  • Differing costs and effort between buying in personal names or a limited company.
  • Section 24.
  • Tax!
  • Some of the company vs personal tax considerations.
  • Capital Gains Tax rates.
  • Transferring property into a limited company.

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