Episode 92

Snagging - what is snagging and how to snag successfully


September 1st, 2021

24 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

Stuart and Simon start with a quick crypto investment update and then turn their focus to snagging. What is snagging? How does the snagging process work? Can you keep your snagging process on-track?

The chat this week includes:

  • Our previous episode with a crypto investment update.
  • Cryptocurrency investment progress update from Simon.
  • Skepticism on blockchains disrupting property markets.
  • What is snagging?
  • Can 2% of new homes really be snag free.
  • Professional snaggers are available.
  • More snags due to the stamp duty holiday.
  • Example snags:
    • Window scratches
    • Plasterboard ceilings
    • Garden drainage
    • Doors dropping
    • Reversed switches
    • Door locks
    • Door sill cracks
    • and more minor things
  • Snagging vs software bugs.
  • The value of task specific knowledge.
  • How to run your own snagging process - make and manage a list.

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